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PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, advertising is the Sponsored results that appear at the top and sides of search results.  Generally, these can be highlighted at the top and declared as "Sponsored".  PPC runs on keywords and auctions.  An advertiser will bid a max dollar amount that they are will to pay per each click to their website.  Every time someone searches on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines, an auction is run to display the highest paying bidder at the top, and so on below.  Because of this auction system, keywords of high competition will cost more to advertise.  For example, bidding on the keyword phrase "new car sales" will be substantially more expensive than "red craft paint".

Personally, I do not recommend basing your entire online marketing efforts solely on PPC advertising, as it may not always be the best return on investment, but it is certainly a valuable tool in Internet marketing.  The key to profitable PPC advertising is optimizing and targeting.  You should target specific ads to specific keywords directed to specific landing pages.  It is important to try and pay the least amount for your intended result.  Also, it can be a waste to display ads to people who most likely will not turn into a customer.

Anyone working on your PPC campaigns at Ashner Consulting in Baton Rouge will be a Certified AdWords Expert and will be in tune with your intentions and ROI for your business or organization.  We have a proven track record of optimizing Google AdWords and BingAds campaigns from over $15,000 per month to as little as $100 per month.  Big or small, little competition or vast competition, we are prepared and qualified to manage, optimize, and create your PPC campaigns.

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